We have designed, manufactured and built steel buildings since 1993

ECERGY is your reliable supplier and manufacturer of pre-fabricated steel buildings
Experienced team
The following specialists work for you every day: designers, sale managers, marketing experts, product managers, financial specialists, engineers, skilled staff
Professional approach
We understand that construction of a building is a matter of great significance for arrangement and development of your business. It requires a professional approach and attention to small details

Laying stress on innovations

The company was established in 1993. The main products of the enterprise are steel buildings and fencing structures made of LGSF (light gauge steel framing).
The applied structural elements are made in accordance with the TS approved in Gosstandart and comply with Russian SNiP and fire safety requirements. A high level of technical solutions and relatively low cost of performed work repeatedly carried Exergy-L LLC to victory in prestigious closed and open tenders.
The quality of the goods and services performed is confirmed by a certificate of compliance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008 standard.
We work using patented Canadian technology and we have no competitors in Russia
We have work permits
The high level of technical solutions and the relatively low cost of the work performed have repeatedly led to the victory of EXERGY in prestigious closed and open tenders.
work on especially dangerous objects
work on the preparation of constructive solutions
installation of roofs
construction of buildings and structures
piling works, soil consolidation
work on especially dangerous objects
construction of concrete and reinforced concrete monolithic structures
construction design and engineering, engineering of engineering networks and systems

Production base

We are located in the Lipetsk region, Kuleshovskaya industrial zone, Orlovskaya str., vl. 47

Certificates and patents

Innovative technologies
Due to the mobility of the rolling equipment, we, if necessary, carry out the rental of enclosing profiles on site. Thus, we avoid the problem of joining seams with large profile lengths, obtaining savings in the transportation of materials
Investigation of the stress-strain state of volumetrically molded thin-sheet structures of a frameless building of the "EXERGY" type
Conclusion of the Federal State Institution VNIIPO of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia on the assessment of fire resistance and fire danger of load-bearing structures (external load-bearing wall, overlap) of steel frameless buildings of the "EXERGY" type
Experimental study of the stress-strain state of wall panels of a frameless building
Report on the topic "Examination of section KM 507.08 of the project "Construction of the DP-7 complex "CPP Temporary refractory warehouse" on the territory of JSC Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine"


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Russia, Lipetsk region, Kuleshovskaya industrial zone, Orlovskaya str., vl. 47