Our services

At the request of the customer, we are ready to carry out the entire complex of construction and installation works at the facility. It is carried out by highly qualified installation units, which carry out all work on the installation of both individual elements (for example, roofs) and the entire building, including the regions of the Far North and the Far East.

For a qualified customer who has his own construction staff, the installation supervision service is practiced, in this case we provide the customer with a highly qualified installation engineer, he consults with the contractor's installers, provides them with on-site training and monitors the performance of all work on the site.
Installation supervision
The ENERGY Metalwork plant manufactures a wide range of metal products and metal structures.
We undertake the construction of turnkey structures, that is, we perform all the necessary tasks to turn the frame "blank" into a ready-to-use building.
At our production facilities located in Lipetsk, we carry out orders of any volume and complexity, according to customer drawings or according to a project prepared by the design department of EXERGY.
EXERGY company performs all stages of MK production on its own, including atypical, complex in design.
  • ENERGY Company offers project support services:
  • development of design and working documentation;
  • work on the preparation of constructive solutions;
  • work on the inspection of building structures, buildings and structures;
  • author's supervision (according to the documentation developed by Exergy-L LLC)
Project support